Special Hazard Fire Protection System Installation in Charlotte, NC

A special hazard fire suppression system is designed for environments where traditional, water-based fire suppression systems are either ineffective or could cause irreparable damage to essential assets.

They include electrical, grease, and flammable liquid fires and are typically used in:

  • Data centers and server rooms
  • Telecommunication facilities
  • Power generation plants
  • Chemical storage and processing areas
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Museums, libraries, and archives
  • Medical facilities and labs
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Historic buildings
  • Marine applications
  • Commercial kitchens

At City Fire & Safety, our fire safety technicians have nearly 40 years of experience helping Charlotte, NC, business owners and managers keep their properties safe from fire.

We’re the area’s leading commercial fire protection provider and can install a special hazard fire suppression system in your building or facility to safeguard it from devastating damage during a fire.

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Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems

Special hazard fire suppression systems use extinguishing agents like chemicals, gas, and foam to combat flames and minimize fire damage. Their advanced detection capabilities allow them to respond quickly to a fire, often faster than traditional water-based systems like fire sprinklers or fire extinguishers.

Depending on the system and the protected area’s requirements, various agents are released to provide targeted and effective protection against all types of risks.

Systems include:

  • FM-200 clean agent systems use a hydrofluorocarbon-based suppressant to subdue fires. They’re ideal for use in areas with sensitive equipment like computers and servers, leaving no residual water, oil, or particulate.
  • Foam suppression systems extinguish combustible or flammable liquid by smothering fires. They work by cutting off oxygen to the fuel source and are an excellent choice for large areas where flammable liquids are used or stored.

If your Charlotte, NC, commercial structure still owns and operates an older Halon system, City Fire & Safety can provide maintenance and inspection services. However, these systems have been phased out and are no longer available for installation.

We recommend replacing your outdated Halon system with an eco-friendly, safer FM-200 or foam suppression system.

Call (800) 453-4394 to learn how a special hazard fire suppression system could be right for your Charlotte-based commercial facility or schedule installation.

Advantages of Installing a Special Hazard Fire Suppression System

Installing a special hazard fire suppression system at your commercial property is a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective way to protect lives and property. It provides many advantages over water-based systems, including:

  • Rapid response: Because they use advanced fire detection technologies, special hazard fire suppression systems can immediately detect a fire. Their various sensors allow for quick response, ensuring a fire is addressed in its beginning stages.
  • Immediate fire suppression: Once the system detects a fire, it quickly and automatically suppresses the flames before they’re able to spread and cause substantial damage.
  • 24/7 protection: One of the most significant benefits is their ability to provide 24-hour protection. The system is always active and ready to respond to a fire, even after hours or in unoccupied buildings, ensuring fires are managed promptly, saving lives and reducing damage.
  • Minimal damage: A special hazard fire suppression system limits the spread of fire and prevents widespread damage by quickly suppressing an emerging fire. Valuable assets, equipment, and infrastructure are protected, leading to significant long-term cost savings.
  • Safety regulation compliance: Many jurisdictions mandate the installation of special hazard fire suppression systems in specific types of buildings or facilities.

Install a Special Hazard Fire Suppression System in Charlotte, NC

Immediate fire detection, rapid response, 24/7 protection, and minimal property damage make installing a special hazard fire suppression system in your Charlotte business a wise investment.

They provide peace of mind for businesses with mission-critical equipment and ensure uninterrupted operations while keeping people and assets safe from fire-related damages.

Since 1985, City Fire & Safety has provided top-notch fire safety services to Charlotte-based businesses and industries, and we would love to do the same for you.

Call (800) 453-4394 for more information on our special hazard fire suppression services or to schedule an installation.

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