Fire Alarm Monitoring in NC & SC

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Fire alarms are your first line of defense against fires that can quickly consume your North Carolina or South Carolina business. At City Fire & Safety, our fire alarm monitoring services give you the edge you need to notify emergency responders quickly and evacuate your building.

Whether a fire starts in the middle of the night when no one is around or in the middle of the morning on a workday, our 24/7 monitoring services protect your business at all times.  

When you want reliable fire alarm monitoring in North or South Carolina, call City Fire & Safety to request an appointment for your business.

Advantages of Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire alarms will provide an immediate warning, alerting staff, customers, and guests to the presence of fire. Once the alarms sound, rapid evacuation of the building can begin. This is not a time to add notifying the fire department to the list of things you need to do.

When you have a 24/7 fire alarm monitoring service watching over your business, we take care of this critical task for you.

Of course, it’s likely there are significant periods of the day when your building is vacant. On holidays, weekends, and after hours, 24/7 fire alarm monitoring services ensure that when alarms are triggered, first responders are dispatched without delay. 

This offers many advantages for your business. Crucially, it expedites emergency response times. It also minimizes the risk of personal injuries and mitigates the potential damage the fire can cause. Fire alarm monitoring is a cost-effective investment in the safety of your personnel and the resilience of your business. 

Our Fire Alarm Installations

Our certified fire prevention specialists will make sure fire alarms are strategically positioned to provide superior protection. We offer a broad range of top-quality hard-wired and wireless systems that incorporate the latest technologies and will deliver reliable performance.

Our team can complete a comprehensive fire risk assessment to ensure your fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire suppression systems, etc., perform as a cohesive system that delivers optimal protection.

Our installation teams can install both addressable and conventional systems, one-stage and two-stage fire alarms, and we’ll help you select the ideal option for your structure (single-story or multi-level) and the types of hazards inherent to your operations. 


Our Fire Monitoring Services

Our fire safety specialists are dedicated to preserving your safety and the physical integrity of your business. Our fire alarm monitoring services rely on the latest technologies and tried-and-tested procedures that provide exceptional protection. 

Our customer-centric approach to monitoring and proactive response to fire hazards ensures your business complies with all applicable fire safety codes and standards.

When coupled with the right fire sprinklers, exit lighting, and fire suppression systems, we provide reliable protection and fire monitoring for hotels and hospitality venues, retail establishments, office buildings, healthcare facilities, and more.  

Fire Alarm Repair

There’s no substitute for a reliable fire alarm, and it’s imperative that your fire alarms are properly maintained and promptly repaired. When your fire alarm malfunctions, we’ll quickly inspect and determine the cause and the required repairs.

We use only top-quality components and will thoroughly test your system to verify the repairs have effectively resolved the problem.

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Since 1985, the fire protection specialists at City Fire & Safety have proudly served clients throughout the area. When you choose our team, you’ll always get top-quality products, industry-approved techniques, code-compliant solutions, and customized protection at an economical price.

Most importantly, you’ll enjoy exceptional protection against fire hazards because we’re dedicated to protecting your personnel and property 24/7.

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