Commercial Fire Extinguisher Installation in Charlotte, NC

3 types of fire extinguishers side by side on white backgroundFire extinguishers are an integral part of any business’s fire prevention strategy. Every building or facility has different equipment requirements depending on the industry, existing hazards, and prevailing fire regulations.

City Fire & Safety’s fire protection specialists are trained to help you identify and install the correct commercial fire extinguishers for your needs, ensuring they comply with local, state, and federal fire codes. Once installed, we also inspect and service the units and train your employees on how to use them effectively.

Fire extinguisher installation options include:

  • Bracket-mounted units: Keep extinguishers off the floor but still within easy sight and reach.
  • Cabinet-housed extinguishers: Breakable glass fronts that prevent tampering until needed.
  • Portable stands: Make it easy to relocate extinguishers for temporary events.

Types of Fire Extinguishers

Purchasing a commercial fire extinguisher isn’t an off-the-shelf undertaking. Different types of fires need different extinguishing methods to work best.

  • Water-based extinguishers: Work on Class A fires.
  • CO2 extinguishers: Put out Class B and Class C fires. They work by blasting a cold gas burst that removes a fire’s oxygen. They also leave no residue, making them a good option in areas with electronic equipment, printing equipment, and lab gear.
  • ABC power extinguishers: These are for Class A, B, or C fires. While they’re the most common extinguisher, they shouldn’t be used in an office or small building, as inhaling their powder is dangerous.
  • Class D extinguishers: These are for combustible metal fires. They’re filled with sodium chloride powder that, when released, cakes and forms an exterior crust that blocks air and extinguishes the fire.
  • West chemical or Class K extinguishers: These are effective on fires involving burning oil and fat, making them perfect for commercial kitchens.

Our certified technicians will help you choose the correct model and number of extinguishers your business needs to remain compliant. We offer ABC multi-purpose, CO2, clean agent, Purple K, and kitchen-class extinguishers.

Contact City Fire & Safety at (800) 453-4394 to discover which type or types of commercial fire extinguishers are suitable for your Gastonia-area business.

Fire Classifications

A fire needs four elements to start: oxygen, heat, fuel, and a chemical reaction. To ensure you install the correct extinguisher for your building’s risks, consider these five fire classifications:

  1. Class A fires: Involve paper, plastic, wood, cloth, and other combustibles.
  2. Class B fires: These are caused by flammable liquids igniting.
  3. Class C electrical fires: Electrical fires are caused by malfunctioning appliances or overheated wiring that sparks and ignites flames.
  4. Class D fires: Class D fires are extremely hot and involve combustible metals such as magnesium, titanium, and sodium.
  5. Class K kitchen fires: Kitchen fires are typically triggered by grease and overheated cooking oil.

Knowing the fuel sources that exist in and around your commercial property is critical to choosing the most effective equipment.


Why Choose City Fire & Safety?

Don’t gamble with your building’s fire safety. Since 1985, City Fire & Safety has provided Southeast-based businesses with high-quality fire protection services, including commercial fire extinguisher installation, testing, and inspection services that protect people, property, and assets during a fire emergency.

Call (800) 453-4394 to schedule commercial fire extinguisher installation at your Charlotte- or Gastonia-area business.

FAQs About Commercial Fire Extinguisher Installation

When you buy fire extinguishers from a big box or online store, there’s no guarantee they’ll be certified and tagged to comply with North Carolina’s fire code and NFPA standards.

These stores also don’t typically provide after-sales support and aren’t as knowledgeable about proper usage, placement, and staff training, which is crucial in commercial settings. It’s always best to get fire extinguishers from a specialized provider with commercial fire safety equipment expertise.

It varies based on the type and brand, but you can generally expect it to last between five and 15 years. A properly maintained extinguisher will retain its charge for its lifetime; however, after any use (even if only a small amount of agent was discharged), you should recharge the unit.

Hydrostatic testing and regular maintenance checks are essential for commercial fire extinguishers. The NFPA requires annual inspections to ensure each extinguisher’s integrity.

Businesses should also conduct monthly visual inspections to ensure proper placement and accessibility, clear instructions, optimal condition, intact seals, and proper pressure.

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