Fire Sprinkler Replacement in Gastonia, NC

All commercial fire sprinkler heads require regularly scheduled inspections. While the systems are known for their longevity — with lifespans ranging from 20 to 50 years — old, damaged, or impaired fire sprinklers must be replaced.

The best way to know if your fire sprinkler system’s heads need to be replaced is through routine inspections that discover unnoticed age-related or other damages like leaks and corrosion.

Since 1985, City Fire & Safety has performed regular fire sprinkler inspections, testing, and maintenance to ensure sprinkler heads work as they should.

We offer comprehensive sprinkler services for wet pipe, dry pipe, deluge, and pre-action fire sprinkler systems to businesses in the greater Gastonia, NC, area, ensuring compliance and reliable protection for people, property, and assets against fire.

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How Often Do Sprinkler Heads Need To Be Replaced?

Routine maintenance, testing, and inspections ensure fire sprinkler heads work well, often for decades.

However, there are times when even highly reliable heads must be replaced, particularly those that display what the NFPA defines as “loading detrimental to sprinkler performance” or “heavily loaded” with dust, debris, dirt, or grease.

NFPA 25 mandates fire sprinkler inspections as follows:

  • Standard response sprinklers: At 50 years and every 10 years after that.
  • Standard response sprinklers tested first at 75 years: Every five years thereafter.
  • Dry sprinklers: At 20 years and every 10 years after that.
  • Fast response sprinklers: At 25 years and every 10 years thereafter.
  • Sprinklers used in hot environments: Tested every five years.
  • Early suppression fast response sprinklers: At 20 years and every 10 years after that.
  • Harsh environment sprinklers: Tested every five years.
  • Listed corrosion-resistant sprinklers for harsh environments: Tested at 10 years and every five years thereafter.

Any sprinkler head that fails its monthly or yearly visual inspection from floor level must be replaced immediately, as do all sprinklers manufactured before 1920.

Because sprinklers fail more often as they age, replacing older heads is generally recommended if the cost of repeated testing outweighs the expenses of purchasing new heads.

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Don’t Try To Replace Sprinklers By Yourself

Due to stringent safety code requirements, commercial fire sprinkler heads should only be replaced by a certified technician who has undergone specialized training to ensure proper installation, adequate water pressure levels, and other requirements.

Improper sprinkler head replacement can lead to system failures, fire code violations, property damage risk, and potential loss of life. Hiring certified professionals guarantees the system’s functionality and compliance with local and national fire safety regulations.

Fire Sprinkler Head Inspection & Replacement

Even the highest-quality fire sprinkler heads experience wear and tear over the years. Some are damaged, causing them to malfunction or turn on when there’s no fire, leading to water damage, mold problems, and other issues.

NFPA 25 requires annual visual fire sprinkler inspections to be performed by a certified fire protection contractor like City Fire & Safety. While not required, monthly or quarterly visual inspection by company personnel can help spot any changes or potential problems before they become major issues.

Sprinklers that show signs of leakage, corrosion, physical damage, loss of glass bulb heat-responsive elements, or improper loading, or those that have been painted over, should be immediately replaced.

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With nearly four decades of experience, City Fire & Safety has provided high-quality, dependable fire safety services to commercial property owners in the greater Gastonia, NC, area.

As a family-owned business, we consider our customer-centric reputation a badge of honor that we work hard to live up to every day. We tailor our fire protection services to meet your business’s unique needs.

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