Special Hazard Protection in Charlotte, NC

Businesses and facilities with unique or irreplaceable operations and assets often require special hazard fire protection. Examples of locations where standard fire suppression systems aren’t appropriate include:

  • Data server rooms
  • Chemical refineries and plants
  • Industrial kitchens
  • Power plants and high-voltage electrical facilities
  • Museums and art galleries

City Fire & Safety offers quality special hazard protection solutions, including FM200, foam suppression, and Halon systems for businesses in the greater Charlotte, NC, area.

Our customized systems protect people and their properties while ensuring potential fire hazard situations will be controlled as quickly as possible.

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Our Special Hazard Fire Suppression Services

Special hazard fire protection systems quickly detect and suppress dangerous heat conditions or emerging fires without sprinklers or fire extinguishers.

For nearly 40 years, our experienced staff has been designing and installing special hazard fire suppression systems that provide targeted and effective protection against all types of risks.

FM-200 Systems

These clean agent fire suppression systems use a waterless and colorless hydrofluorocarbon-based suppressant to subdue fires.

Typically used by businesses and facilities that rely on sensitive equipment, FM-200 systems minimize potential damage to electronics, computers, servers, and communications equipment. 

FM-200 benefits include:

  • Quick and clean deployment
  • No residual oil, water, or particulate
  • Lesser damage to equipment
  • Reduced downtime

Our comprehensive FM-200 system services include inspections and maintenance.

Foam Suppression

There are many times that water isn’t a viable option for putting out fires, mainly in highly flammable environments or spaces. A chemical or foam suppression system is an alternative that extinguishes combustible or flammable liquid by smothering fire and vapors. It can also prevent reignition.

Once the foam discharges from the system, it rapidly expands up to 1,000 times its size. Oxygen to the fuel source is cut off, and combustion is prevented. Because they deploy so quickly, foam suppression systems are excellent for larger environments where flammable liquids are stored or used, including:

  • Airports and aircraft hangars
  • Jet engine test facilities
  • Marine facilities
  • Loading docks and warehouses
  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Chemical processing plants
  • And more

Halon Systems

While Halon has been largely phased out due to its impact on the environment, it’s still legal to own and operate an older, earlier-installed Halon fire suppression system.

If your Charlotte, NC, area business still relies on a Halon special hazard fire suppression system, City Fire & Safety provides maintenance and inspection services to ensure your system meets NFPA and EPA regulations.

Are you interested in replacing your outdated Halon system with an eco-friendlier one? Our team can guide you in choosing a new system that meets your needs.

Our Manufacturers

City Fire & Safety works with some of the industry’s leading fire protection manufacturers, including:

  • Argus Fire Control designs and manufactures world-class commercial fire-suppressing equipment, including FM-200, dry chemical powder, water-based, and carbon dioxide gas systems. 
  • Fike fire suppression systems include a water-based chemical agent, CO2, and inert gas solutions designed to minimize downtime in industrial environments.
  • Amerex supplies portable and wheeled fire extinguishers for industrial and commercial applications.
  • VESDA systems from Xtralis are early-warning aspirating smoke detection units that detect invisible by-products of materials as they degrade in a developing fire.

Why Choose City Fire & Safety?

For nearly 40 years, American-owned and family-operated City Fire & Safety has provided businesses and industries throughout the Charlotte, NC, area with exceptional fire safety services.

We’re proud of our customer-first reputation and are committed to giving our customers the personalized service, timely delivery, and budget-friendly prices they deserve.

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