Fire Suppression

For over 40 years, City Fire & Safety has provided fire suppression system services throughout the U.S., including Washington, Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, Ohio, Delaware, and New Mexico.

Our qualified specialists bring years of experience to every service, so you can rely on us to protect your home against fire-related damage and destruction.

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Our Fire Suppression Services

Fire suppression systems are crucial in protecting people, their homes, and valuables from fires. They disperse water or chemicals to extinguish flames. Examples include kitchen hoods, discharge-based sprinklers, and perforated pipe-delivery systems. Our state-of-the-art fire suppression systems are designed for installation and use in various residential buildings and properties, including condos, apartments, townhomes, and single-family homes.

Brands We Service & Install

Argus Fire Control

Argus offers world-class residential fire-suppressing equipment, including FM-200 clean agents, dry chemical powder, carbon dioxide gas, or water-based systems. The company specializes in engineered systems for non-woven and textile spinning businesses, recycling, cotton gins, woodworking, and other industrial applications.


Amerex is the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturer of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers for residential applications. Their fire suppression systems are ideal for vehicles, kitchens, and more.


Fike fire suppression solutions include chemical agent, water-based, inert gas, and CO2 models designed to minimize downtime. They’re the equipment of choice for varied industries, including power generation, transportation, battery energy storage systems, data centers, and museum and cultural sites.


Kitchen Fire Suppression

Most kitchen equipment uses heat or fire, making the space vulnerable to accidental fires. Installing a kitchen fire suppression system ensures that if a fire starts, it can be diffused quickly and efficiently.

While fire blankets and extinguishers are also handy kitchen firefighting tools, a suppression system offers the ultimate level of protection as it operates independent of human intervention, automatically diffuses a fire, and prevents fire from spreading.

These systems can be installed in kitchens of nearly every size, including food trucks. 

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Fire Suppression Installation, Inspection & Repair

Kitchen fire suppression systems save lives and prevent catastrophic property damage. City Fire & Safety installs, inspects, and repairs major brand fire suppression systems and helps ensure they operate correctly and meet all applicable local, state, and federal fire code regulations. 

Why Choose City Fire & Safety?

For nearly 40 years, City Fire & Safety has provided quality fire safety services for homeowners throughout Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia, including Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, and McLean.

Our family-owned and -operated business is proud of its customer-first reputation for delivering personalized services at reasonable prices.

As your single-source solution for fire protection services, we aim to ensure your people, property, and other assets are safe from fire-related damages.

Call City Fire & Safety at 1-800-453-4394 to learn more about our fire services, including fire sprinklersfire extinguishersspecial hazards protection, and fire alarms.

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For over 30 years, City Fire & Safety has provided top-notch service for businesses, both local and across the states.

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