Fire Sprinkler Maintenance & Repair in Gastonia, NC

No matter what type or types of commercial fire sprinklers your property has, routine maintenance and inspections are required to ensure they work correctly during a fire.

Maintenance keeps the system operating at their best, while inspections ensure it meets current fire safety codes and regulations, remaining a reliable front-line defense in the event of a fire emergency.

Since 1985, City Fire & Safety has offered comprehensive fire sprinkler services to commercial property owners and managers in the greater Gastonia, NC, area, including maintenance, repairs, inspections, and testing. We’re committed to ensuring your property is safe and compliant at all times.

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How To Know if Your Fire Sprinklers Need Repair

While regularly scheduled inspections and ongoing maintenance keep a fire sprinkler system working as it should, it’s normal for parts to erode over time. Signs your sprinklers might need repair or replacement include:

  • System age: Systems vary depending on several factors, but most commercial fire sprinkler systems have a 20- to 50-year lifespan if properly installed and maintained. Systems nearing or surpassing their expected lifetime might need to be replaced.
  • Rust & corrosion: Corroded or rusty parts weaken a sprinkler system’s integrity, preventing it from functioning correctly.
  • Leaks: If your system has signs of leaking or excess moisture, it could be due to faulty or damaged components, which can compromise its reliability.
  • Physical head or pipe damage: Accidental collisions, vandalism, and construction accidents can damage sprinkler heads and impede water flow.
  • Building modifications: Ceiling alterations, painting, and wall additions and partitions can prevent previously installed fire sprinkler heads from providing adequate coverage.
  • False alarms: Frequent malfunctions or false alarms usually indicate an underlying system issue.

If you’re unsure about your fire sprinkler system’s performance or stability, seek the expertise of a certified fire protection company. The knowledgeable pros at City Fire & Safety can help you make the right decision about repairing or replacing your system.

Call (800) 453-4394 to learn more about the signs to look for before requesting fire sprinkler system repairs.

Comprehensive Fire Sprinkler System Inspection & Testing

Commercial fire sprinkler systems are crucial for minimizing the risk of property damage and loss of life in the event of a fire. Regular inspections and testing are essential to ensure your system operates as it should when needed.

To ensure commercial fire sprinkler systems operate correctly, the NFPA 25 Codes and Standards sets minimum inspection and testing services that must be performed by a certified professional, ensuring maximum system integrity and performance.

These minimums include:

  • Monthly visual inspections: Check for operability, pressure gauge accuracy, and any signs of physical damage, corrosion, or leakage.
  • Annual maintenance: Verify the type and quantity of extinguishing agent, tire, wheel, carriage, hose, and nozzle condition, and the date of manufacture, inspection, and servicing.
  • Hydrostatic testing: Manufacturer-specified intervals, typically every five to 12 years.
  • Recordkeeping: All inspections, maintenance, and recharging activities for each fire extinguisher.
  • Internal examination of certain types of equipment at specific intervals as recommended by the NFPA or manufacturer.

Contact City Fire & Safety at (800) 453-4394 to arrange fire sprinkler system inspection and testing.

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City Fire & Safety understands the importance of routine fire sprinkler system maintenance, repairs, inspections, and testing. Our comprehensive sprinkler services are designed to keep people, property, and other business assets protected against fire-related damages and injuries.

Our four decades of providing high-quality fire protection services for Gastonia, NC, commercial buildings and facilities make us the area’s go-to provider, relied on and trusted by businesses needing tailored fire safety solutions at reasonable prices.

To experience our customer-first approach for yourself, call (800) 453-4394 to request a quote.

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