Emergency Exit Lighting Installation & Inspection 

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Emergency exit lighting is essential for the safety of your business’s employees and visitors. Whether you operate an office building, warehouse, industrial facility, educational institution, restaurant, or retail establishment, it’s imperative that your exit lights are properly installed and regularly inspected.

At City Fire & Safety, the fire safety specialists in our American-owned company will ensure your building is properly protected and your systems comply with the latest OSHA requirements and NFPA standards. 

When you need reliable exit lighting installation and thorough inspections, call City Fire & Safety to schedule an appointment in North Carolina or South Carolina.

Comply With OSHA & NFPA Emergency Lighting Requirements

Businesses are required to adhere to many codes and standards from OSHA, NFPA, and other agencies. When it comes to exit lighting systems, OSHA 1910.37 and NFPA 101 are the primary codes all businesses must comply with to avoid penalties and fines. 

There are many requirements within these codes, including:

  • Ensuring proper installation at the designated height and distance from the exit
  • Ensuring that all points of egress are properly illuminated and designated
  • Maintaining a clear, safe, and obstruction-free path for safe egress from the building
  • Verifying that all exits are properly illuminated and will maintain sufficient illumination after power failure
  • Periodic testing of the emergency lighting system and any fire sprinkler systems, fire alarms, fire doors, etc. that protect the path of egress

It’s expected that these standards and codes will evolve and change as regulators work to update them to reflect industry needs, improve best practices, and incorporate advances in life-saving technologies.

At City Fire & Safety, our fire safety specialists maintain up-to-date knowledge of these changes and are committed to keeping your business ahead of the curve.  


Our Exit & Emergency Light Installations

We can install exit and emergency lights in new structures or as part of renovation/remodeling work. Our team will create a comprehensive plan that will ensure every exit and emergency route in the building is clearly marked and capable of providing a safe, expedient egress.

We offer a broad range of top-quality exit and emergency lighting systems and will help you choose the ideal solutions for your business. 

Our Exit & Emergency Light Inspections

Our certified and insured fire safety specialists will thoroughly inspect your exit and emergency lighting systems. We’ll perform a comprehensive visual inspection for signs of damage and to confirm proper mounting, test the integrity of your bulbs and light covers, and test the function and integrity of your batteries.

We’ll also provide a comprehensive inspection of your electrical system to confirm that there are no exposed wires or electrical elements. When necessary, we’ll align the beam and tighten it if necessary. 

Our thorough discharge tests, activation tests, and post-inspection reviews will ensure your emergency exit lights are in proper working order and will provide the reliable protection you need. We can also perform routine inspections and testing after fire events and during all annual inspections required by code.

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