Fire Alarm Repair & Maintenance in NC & SC

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Having a working fire alarm system ensures peace of mind. It alerts you before you even think about reaching for the fire extinguisher or worry about the sprinklers kicking in.

Property owners are often thrown for a loop when discovering the numerous compliance regulations their building’s fire alarm system must abide by. Enlisting professional repair and maintenance services when issues arise guarantees the safety of all employees and visitors. 

City Fire & Safety has provided North and South Carolina property owners with the superior fire alarm services they need since 1985. Our trained technicians come fully equipped with quality products, comprehensive services, and economical pricing to ensure your building is well-prepared in case a fire happens.

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Why Fire Alarm Maintenance Is Important

Regular fire alarm maintenance is essential to ensure your system’s functionality and compliance with safety regulations. Routine testing and inspections ensure your fire alarm system works correctly, protecting occupants and the property itself by providing prompt detection and quick response.

Maintenance also helps meet safety regulations, avoiding potential fines and legal issues that could have been avoided with proper protocol. Also, insurance policies often demand proper maintenance, which ensures that any claims made after a fire are processed headache-free.


Common Issues With Fire Alarms

Fire alarms experience a few common issues that might indicate the need for a closer look:

  • Battery problems: Low or dead batteries can cause fire alarms to beep periodically, signaling the need for replacement.
  • Sensor malfunctions: Dirty or faulty sensors can result in false alarms or a lack of response during emergencies. They’re quite sensitive, so they should be calibrated regularly. 
  • Wiring issues: Loose or damaged wiring can disrupt the connection, leading to poor alarm functionality or system failure.
  • Software and calibration: Older software or improper calibration can affect the accuracy and reliability of fire alarm systems. The way the system was initially installed may also affect this. 

Fire Alarm Repair

City Fire & Safety offers several fire alarm repair services for various industries. You can look to us for services like:

  • Diagnostics: We perform thorough testing and assessment to identify and troubleshoot any issues with your fire alarm system.
  • On-site repairs: We can dispatch a certified technician to correct or detect problems at your location immediately.
  • Part replacement: Any faulty or worn-out components receive a full refresh to guarantee optimal system performance. 
  • System upgrades: From heat or smoke detectors to voice evacuation systems, our technicians provide advanced enhancements to your existing fire alarm system to improve functionality and compliance with the latest standards. 
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When To Schedule Fire Alarm Repairs

Semiannual or annual fire alarm inspections are recommended, but this varies depending on local regulations. If you notice operational issues between inspections, you should enlist immediate repairs to secure your system’s functionality and the safety of your building’s occupants.

Your fire alarm system should be checked whenever fire incidents occur to ensure everything works properly. Sometimes, you may need to redesign and upgrade your system.  

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Whether you need fire alarm repair, maintenance, installation, or help with other systems, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting top-quality products and personalized service with our team. Put your property at the top of its fire protection game and schedule fire alarm repair services with us today.

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