Fire Protection for Textile Manufacturers in NC & SC

Flammable materials, chemicals, lint, and dust are some of the hazards that make textile manufacturing facilities vulnerable to a fire.

Since 1985, City Fire & Safety has helped North and South Carolina textile manufacturers protect people and property from fire risks and damages. Our custom-designed fire safety solutions keep your facility operating and ensure that employees, visitors, and assets are fully protected in the event of a fire.

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The Importance of Fire Safety in Textile Manufacturing

A fire safety program that includes the use of fire protection equipment is critical in textile manufacturing for several reasons, including:

  • Protect lives: The primary importance of fire safety is to protect people’s lives, including workers, visitors, and emergency responders. Adequate safety measures can help prevent injuries and fatalities during a fire.
  • Prevent property damage: Fires can cause extensive damage to textile manufacturing facilities, machinery, and inventory. Effective fire safety measures significantly reduce the extent of damage, protecting a business’s physical assets.
  • Ensure business continuity: Even a small fire can halt production, leading to significant interruption and downtime. Fire safety equipment minimizes risks and helps keep a facility up and running.
  • Comply with regulations: Textile manufacturers are typically subject to strict fire safety regulations. Compliance helps avoid legal repercussions and ensures a standardized level of workplace safety.
  • Preserve reputation: Businesses that experience major fires could suffer reputational damage, especially if it’s shown that proper fire safety measures weren’t in place. Maintaining high fire safety standards helps preserve the trust of customers, employees, and other stakeholders.
  • Meet insurance requirements: Most insurers require appropriate fire safety measures. Some offer better terms and lower premiums to businesses that demonstrate a commitment to fire safety.


Our Fire Protection Services

Common fire hazards in the textile manufacturing industry include flammable materials, lint and dust accumulation, chemicals and dyes, heat-generating equipment, electrical hazards, and poor housekeeping or storage practices.

City Fire & Safety provides tailored fire safety systems designed and installed to your facility’s specific needs that comply with local, state, and federal codes and regulations, including ones set forth by OSHA and the NFPA.

Our services include:

  • Fire alarm systems: These systems alert people in the building to exit quickly. They also protect valuable assets from substantial losses due to fire. We offer fire alarm repairs, installations, inspections, and maintenance.
  • Fire sprinkler systems: Fire sprinklers reduce fire and smoke damage and allow people in the facility time to evacuate safely. Services include fire sprinkler installation, repair, maintenance, parts replacement, and inspection and testing.
  • Commercial fire extinguishers: These devices allow your staff to put out small fires before they get bigger.
  • Special hazard fire suppression systemsThese systems, including FM-200 and foam suppression, suppress electrical, grease, and flammable liquid fires.

Keeping your textile manufacturing facility continuously protected from fire is our top priority.

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City Fire & Safety has helped North Carolina and South Carolina textile manufacturers proactively prevent and mitigate fire damage in their facilities. American-owned and family-operated, we’re proud of our customer-first reputation.

With our timely delivery, personalized services, and economical prices, we want to be your first choice for all your facility’s fire protection needs.

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