Fire Suppression Services in Matthews, NC

FM-200 Suppression Systems, FM200 Gas Flooding System, Gas Suppression System in Data Center Room

When business owners in Matthews, NC, need fire protection for their commercial buildings and facilities, they trust the best. 

American-owned and family-operated City Fire & Safety expertly handles all your commercial fire suppression needs, including fire protection installation, replacement, repair, inspection, and more.

Since 1985, we’ve provided quality services to businesses in the greater Matthews, NC, area, including:

We offer personalized services, ensuring your unique needs are met within your budget.

Learn more or schedule fire protection services for your Matthews, NC, business by calling 1-800-453-4394 today.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms let people inside your building or facility know they need to evacuate as quickly as possible. Properties without a quality fire alarm system put people and valuable business assets at risk.

We provide:

  • Fire alarm monitoring
  • Fire alarm inspection
  • Fire alarm repair

Depending on applicable regulations, it’s essential to test your fire alarm system every one to two years to ensure it’s up to code and operates as it should in an emergency.

Our skilled technicians check all system devices, including panels, pull stations, horns, smoke detectors, strobes, annunciators, and door holders. They also replace 24-hour emergency batteries and maintain detailed records of past inspections to ensure your fire alarm system works properly.


Fire Extinguishers

Commercial fire extinguishers are first-line defense solutions for extinguishing small fires and keeping larger fires under control until fire personnel arrive.

To ensure all portable fire extinguishers are in proper working order, City Fire & Safety’s licensed fire professionals provide:

  • Fire extinguisher replacement
  • Fire extinguisher inspection
  • Fire extinguisher testing

Schedule commercial fire extinguisher services by calling City Fire & Safety at 1-800-453-4394.

Fire Sprinklers

Automatic fire sprinkler systems provide round-the-clock protection, suppressing fires and protecting people and property until help arrives. NFPA research shows businesses can prevent multiple fire-related deaths by installing fire sprinkler systems in their buildings and facilities.

The professional team at City Fire & Safety delivers outstanding services that include:

  • Fire sprinkler inspection
  • Fire sprinkler installation
  • Fire sprinkler repair and maintenance
  • Fire sprinkler parts replacement 

Need fire sprinkler services in Matthews, NC? Schedule service with City Fire & Safety by calling 1-800-453-4394 today.

Fire Suppression Systems

Commercial fire suppression systems from leading manufacturers like Argus Fire ControlAmerex, and Fike help protect your company’s computer rooms, data storage facilities, industrial equipment, and more.

We provide tailored end-to-end fire suppression systems that protect your commercial property. We offer:

  • Fire suppression installation
  • Fire suppression inspection
  • Fire suppression repair and maintenance

We also offer training courses in operating and maintaining the fire suppression system, including keeping legally required records.

Call our team at 1-800-453-4394 today to request an appointment.

Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems

If your business has an increased risk of certain types of fires, including electrical, grease, and flammable liquid fires, a special hazard fire suppression system protects against catastrophic loss of life and valuable assets.

We offer high-quality special hazard fire protection solutions, including:

  • FM-200 systems: These protect sensitive computer, electronic, and communications equipment.
  • Foam suppression: These are for combustible or flammable liquids that don’t respond to water.
  • Halon systems: We provide inspection, repair, and replacement for existing halon systems.

Call 1-800-453-4394 today to request a service from our team.

Why Choose Us?

City Fire & Safety is the leading single-source solution for all commercial fire protection services in Matthews, NC, and the surrounding area. We specialize in all aspects of fire protection, designing customized systems that ensure everyone’s safety.

As a leading fire protection services provider in the Matthews area, you can count on us for exceptional products and unmatched service.

If you’re looking for quality fire protection services for your Matthews, NC, business, call 1-800-453-4394.

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